CIVIT-supported projects

Collaboration model for using immersive visual technologies in work machine and creative digital industries


EU funding: European Regional Development Fund

Contact person: Jussi Rantala

News article about the project

National Infrastructure for human virtualization and remote presence

MAGICS is a joint effort of Aalto University, Tampere University and the University of the Arts Helsinki.

FIRI-funding: research infrastructures as collaborative platforms

Contact person from CIVIT: Atanas Gotchev

Mixed Reality for Operating Mobile Machines


Business Finland’s Research to Business Funding

Contact person: Olli Suominen


Machine Understanding of Mother-Infant Interaction

Uuden teknologian hyödyntäminen varhaisen vuorovaikutuksen arvioinnissa


Emil Aaltosen Säätiö  
Project contacts: Sari Peltonen Mervi Vänskä

News article about the project

Invitation to participate (FI)

Plenoptic Imaging


Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, European Commission

Light field evaluation set (1) (1) (1)

Modeling and Visualization of Perceivable Light Fields

Havaittavien valokenttien mallinnus ja visualisointi


Academy of Finland Project
Project contacts: Atanas Gotchev & Erdem Sahin

Immersive Visual Technologies for Safety-critical Applications


Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, European Commission

Digital Feel for Accurate Operation of Work Machines


 FIMA, Business Finland

Fusion for Energy Grant 5: Development of Remote Diagnostics and Computer- aided Teleoperation Tools for Remote Handling


Fusion for Energy (the EU’s Joint Undertaking for ITER)

Other projects supported by CIVIT

Examples of projects that have utilized CIVIT equipment, facilities or other services
  • REPEAT: Robust and Efficient Perception for Autonomous Things, funded by Academy of Finland
  • STREAM: Smart tools for railway work safety and performance improvement (2020–2023), funded by European Union, Horizon 2020
  • VIRTUMER: Virtual Consumer in Mixed Realities, funded by KAUTE
  • CIWil: Computational Imaging without Lens, Funded by Technology Industries of Finland Centennial Foundation and Jane and Aatos Erkko Foundation 
  • ETN-FPI: European Training Network on Full Parallax Imaging (2015–2019), Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network, European Commission
  • Spatial Sensing for Machines (2017–2018), funded by TEKES
  • SeeWork: Digital See-through Structures in work machines (2016–2017), funded by TEKES & FIMA
  • Depth-corrected Transparent Displays for Augmented Reality on Large Scale Glass Surfaces (2016), funded by TEKE

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