For Companies

We offer different services for companies from tailor-made exclusive research projects to short-term, easy access POC-projects. We also rent our equipment and offer standardised 3D reference data for your test and development needs. You can also use CIVIT an intermediator between students and companies. We will help you find the best future talent for your project!

We warmly welcome companies to join CIVIT’s activities and to visit us. If you want to keep up with our latest news and events, you can subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media.

We offer companies different research services. You can have a tailor-made exclusive research project with us, or your company can take part in collaborative research projects sponsored by EU and other companies. You can find examples of CIVIT-supported projects here

Proof-of-Concept -services​

Our POC-services are tailored, short-term (2-4 months) and easy access projects with CIVIT. The focus is on concrete results. Part of the project can be conducted in your premises to make sure that the results match your business applications.

Examples of our POC-sercice areas:

  • Profiling and characterising 3D camera and display systems
  • Multicamera and depth sensors setups
  • Human perception of depth and 3D visual cues
  • Display-optimized visualisation of complex visual 3d-data
  • Fast on-line calibration of stereo and multiple cameras
  • Depth-assisted virtual camera systems
  • Digital holograms

If you have any questions or a project in mind, feel free to contact us and ask for more information!

Equipment Rental​

We have various state-of-the-art cameras, advanced displays, motion capture equipment, range sensors and LIDARs, VR/AR and other immersive gear for rent. You can rent CIVIT equipment for your own projects and need. The equipment can be used at or your own premises or at CIVIT lab. If needed, we also offer our expertise in using the equipment. Feel free to contact us to find out more about the rental terms, prices, and other details.

We kindly ask you to refer to CIVIT in academic publications. You can find the instructions on how to cite CIVIT in your publication here.

Custom Datasets​

Our standardized 3D reference data can be used for your test and development needs, for example in different 3D and VR applications. The filters and methods come from our research and from our partners. You can use our existing dataset, or for a fee, we can provide you custom datasets that meet your own needs! Our exisiting, free to use datasets include: Please, refer to CIVIT if you use the datasets in your research.

Collaboration with Future Talents​

Do you have a thesis topic in mind but you haven’t found a student to work with it? Or are you looking for an intern? You can contact us if you have a topic for a thesis or other project in mind and we will connect you with your future talent!

If you are looking for expertise in the academic field, you can find out more about the members of the 3D Media Group and their research interests here. The 3D Media research group is tightly connected to CIVIT as its researchers have access to CIVIT and they work within CIVIT-supported projects.

Events and Conferences

We organize different events throughout the year. Our main event each year is CIVIT Technology Day, which brings together renowned speakers and experts from the industry and academia sharing insights on the latest immersive tech trends. In our previous Tech Days, we have covered topics such as Motion DeconstructedVR Walkthrough and the Art and Tech of 360° Video. You can find all of the Tech Day presentations on our YouTube channel. 

We also host visitors and have demos in different events frequently. Furthermore, CIVIT can be a partner in organizing events and conferences. We have co-organized conferences such as IEEE MMSP 2020 (International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing), ELFI 2019 (European Light Field Imaging Workshop) and 3DTV Conference 2018.

How does CIVIT collaborate with the industry? What kinds of projects does CIVIT support? Who do we collaborate with? Find out from the video!