For Researchers

Researchers can utilize CIVIT in their scientific publications and research projects by using our equipment, datasets and software. We also organize and support different activities and academic conferences. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Our facilities help researchers to produce scientific publications on novel immersive technology topics. You can find examples of CIVIT-supported publications, or check the full list of publications by the 3D Media research group. Members of the 3D Media Group have access to CIVIT and they work with CIVIT-supported projects. Click here to see how to cite CIVIT in your publication. 

Research Projects and Collaboration​

Research Projects and Collaboration​

Our facilities and equipment are actively utilized in different research projects. You can find out more about CIVIT-supported research projects here

Researchers are welcome to utilize our public software libraries and annotated datasets for their test and development needs. CIVIT-supported datasets include items such as:

Tampere Universities’ Staff (TAU & TAMK) can get access to our facilities and equipment by filling in the request form. The equipment is free of charge for staff and students when it is used for research purposes. Please, refer to CIVIT if you use our equipment in your research.

For some equipment, you might need operation instructions given by the CIVIT staff, or let CIVIT staff operate the equipment. In this case, the project number for work time allocation might be required. For technical support, please contact CIVIT master Jani Käpylä



We organize and participate in several events throughout the year. Our main event each year is CIVIT Technology Day, which brings together renowned speakers and experts from the industry and academia sharing insights on immersive tech trends. In our previous Tech Days, we have covered topics such as Motion DeconstructedVR Walkthrough and the Art and Tech of 360° Video. You can find all of the Tech Day presentations on our YouTube channel.

We also host visitors and have demos in different events frequently. Furthermore, CIVIT can be a partner in organizing events and conferences. We have co-organized conferences such as IEEE MMSP 2021 and IEEE MMSP 2020 (International Workshop on Multimedia Signal Processing), ELFI 2019 (European Light Field Imaging Workshop) and 3DTV Conference 2018

What kinds of international projects does CIVIT support? What are the main benefits of international partnerships? Find out from the video!