Datasets & Software

Researchers, students and companies are welcome to utilize our public software libraries and annotated datasets for their test and development needs, for example in different 3D and VR applications.

The listed datasets are publicly available. Please follow the citation instructions given under each dataset or GitHub page and check the licensing terms before using the software libraries.

We offer customized dataset creation and curation services to meet your own needs. For making requests and getting more details about our pricing policy, please contact us.

360° camera on a dark background

360° Stereo Video Test Datasets

The datasets presented by CIVIT provide 4 or 8 different fisheye views generated from a Nokia OZO. This allows testing of multiple algorithms like depth estimation or panoramas stitching.

CIVIT datasets: Densely sampled light fields

Densely Sampled Light Field Datasets

Each dataset contains pre-rectified horizontal-parallax multi-perspective images of 3D scenes.

Visual SLAM in an Finnish environment

Forest Landscape for Visual SLAM (FinnForest)

The dataset offers a new landscape of testing material for mobile robotics, autonomous driving research, and heavy machine operation.

Picture of a camera rig and checker board at civit

Photogrammetric Multi-Camera Calibration Toolbox

Photogrammetric Multi-Camera Calibration Toolbox by Laura Ribeiro implements a generalization of Zhang's widely used single camera calibration algorithm to N cameras.

Methods for Simultaneous Robot-World Hand-Eye Calibration - A Comparative Study

Methods for Simultaneous Robot-World Hand-Eye Calibration: A Comparative Study

Methods for Simultaneous Robot-World Hand-Eye Calibration: A Comparative Study by Ihtisham Ali proposes a collection of robot-world/hand-eye calibration methods to establish a geometrical relationship between robot, camera, and its environment.