Our facilities include state-of-the-art equipment and datasets for your research needs. CIVIT is a valuable tool in the realization of many research projects as it allows access to high-quality facilities and equipment in an economically efficient way.

Companies, students, staff and researchers can utilize our equipment and datasets. Our facilities can be used, for example, in the sectors of visual content creation and representation of visual data, advanced displays, spatial measurements and processing, and user experience.

Researchers and staff at Tampere Universities (TAU & TAMK) can get access to our facilities by filling in the request form. The equipment is free of charge for the staff and students when it is used for research purposes. 

Students get access to our equipment and facilities through courses, research projects or thesis work. 

Students who need the equipment for their thesis work should send their research plan and supervisor’s contact information to civit@tuni.fi. Their supervisor should be from Tampere Universities (TAU or TAMK). In their research plan, students should mention why the equipment is necessary for the outcome/result of the thesis.

Companies can get access to our facilities through research projects or our services for companies, such as Proof of Concept-projects and equipment rental. 

If you are interested in visiting CIVIT, please contact CIVIT Coordinator Sarianne Niemelä. CIVIT is located in Sähkötalo SA201, Hervanta Campus. You can find the location on the Campus Map (PDF).  For more information about arriving and parking at Hervanta Campus, please visit Tampere University’s webpage

360 camera in an imaging lab civit

High-end cameras

Motion Capture

Person in a motion capture suit at CIVIT
CIVIT light field display HoloVizio

Advanced displays

XR gear

CIVIT laboratory at Tut
Robotic development platform at CIVIT (Robotnik)

And much more...