About us

The ultimate aim for modern visual technologies is to convincingly reproduce reality and to relay information in a natural way. To help the research community and industry in reaching these goals, Tampere University has established CIVIT – the Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies.

CIVIT is a research infrastructure unit at Tampere University. We provide research facilities and expertise in the sectors of visual content creation and representation of visual data, advanced displays, and immersive user experience. CIVIT is one of Tampere University’s co-creation platforms, which means that we offer services and collaboration opportunities for companies, researchers, students and other organizations.

In 2015, the Department of Signal Processing at Tampere University of Technology established a national-wide infrastructure facility, CIVIT. CIVIT is jointly funded by the Academy of Finland, and Tampere University.

CIVIT’s main purpose is to provide expertise and facilities for studying and utilizing emerging visual technologies and the related new user experience with the aim to enhance the existing and to develop new scientific and industrial applications where advanced visualization is a must.

CIVIT is a valuable tool in the realization of many research projects in the area of ultra-realistic 3D scene capture and advanced visualisation as it allows access to an unprecedented level of high quality, state-of-the-art equipment in an economically efficient way. All branches of visual technology are available without having to allocate significant portions of the research project’s resources for equipment purchases, allowing it instead to focus purely on research and achieving the objectives set.

Our CIVIT team consists of our Director Atanas Gotchev, Staff Scientist Jussi Rantala, CIVIT Master Jani Käpylä, Project Coordinator Noora Suni, Software Engineer Devangini Patel, Hardware Engineer Haider Nadeem and Project Managers Olli Suominen, Robert Bregovic and Erdem Sahin. Also, the 3D Media Research Group has access to CIVIT and they use the research infrastructure actively.

CIVIT, the Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies, is a research infrastructure at Tampere University but what does it mean? Why was it established? What can you find there? Who is it for? 

Check out the video and find out!