For Students

We collaborate with students at Tampere Universities through thesis work, courses, internships and different activities and events. CIVIT can also be used as an intermediator between students and companies! Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Students at Tampere Universities can utilize CIVIT facilities in their thesis work and projects. Please, refer to CIVIT if you use our equipment or datasets in your thesis or project. You can find examples of CIVIT-supported thesis work here



CIVIT-supported courses at Tampere University (2021–2022):

  • 3D and Virtual Reality: The course targets new and emerging technologies for 3D visual scene modelling, capture, processing and visualization as well as their use in applications such as 3D video and virtual reality. The course will provide in-depth knowledge about the creation, processing, delivery and visualization of 3D moving scenes.
  • Advanced Signal Processing Laboratory: After completing the course, students are able to apply basic signal processing methods to solve problems that are closely related to practical problems.

Students are welcome to utilize our public software libraries and annotated datasets for their test and development needs. CIVIT-supported datasets include items such as:

If you need support with the datasets, please contact us at 

Students can request access to our equipment by sending their research plan and supervisor’s contact information to In their research plan, students should mention why the equipment is necessary for the outcome/result of the thesis. After the research plan has been approved, the supervisor or student should fill in the equipment request form for using the equipment. The equipment is free of charge for staff and students when it is used for research purposes. 

Company Collaboration and Internships

Company Collaboration and Internships

CIVIT can be used as an intermediator between students and companies. Through our networks, we can find you the best company to collaborate with in search of an internship or thesis topic. You can contact us about your ideas and questions by email.

We also organize events such as CIVIT Technology Days, where students can hear about the latest industrial and academic achievements and trends within immersive technologies.

You can also check out the open positions at 3D Media Group. The 3D Media Group is closely connected to CIVIT as its members have access to CIVIT and they work in CIVIT-supported projects

What kind of research does CIVIT support? What are the latest advancements in the field of immersive visual technologies? Find out from the video!