Full list of equipment

Asset name Category Quantity Description
Alioscopy 3DUHD 31.5" SV Displays & MR 1 Autostereoscopic 31.5" lenticular sheet based 3D display panel that steers different pixels of the underlying 4K panel to different directions. Shows 3D images instantaneously.
Allied Vision Prosilica GE1900C GigE Camera Cameras & Capture 16 High-Resolution CCD camera with GigE Vision interface - 30 frames per second.
Asus MB169B+ Displays & MR 1 ASUS MB169B+ Portable USB Monitor - 15.6 inch, Full HD, USB-powered, IPS, Ultra-slim.
ASUS RT-AX88U Wi-Fi Router Misc 2 ASUS RT-AX88U Wi-Fi Router is a 4x4 dual-band WiFi router that provides 160MHz bandwidth and 1024-QAM for dramatically faster wireless connections.
Avegant Video Headset Displays & MR 1 Video headset. Connect via the blue hdmi to pc and power on. Works like a display.
Azure Kinect DK Cameras & Capture 1 Azure Kinect is a cutting-edge spatial computing developer kit with sophisticated computer vision and speech models, advanced AI sensors, and a range of powerful SDKs that can be connected to Azure cognitive services.
Basler A201bc Cameras & Capture 1 Industrial camera
Basler acA1920-50gc GigE camera Cameras & Capture 40 Color camera with resolution of 2.3 MP and capable of capturing at up to 50 frames per second.
Basler ace: acA4024-29uc Cameras & Capture 1 Ace C camera, 4024x3036, 29fps, USB3
Basler ToF640-20gm_850nm Cameras & Capture 1 Basler time-of-flight (ToF) camera 
Behringer Truth B2030P Active Speaker Speakers 2 Speakers
Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4k Cameras & Capture 1 Small ultra-high-definition live studio camera.
Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro 4.6k Cameras & Capture 1 Lightweight digital film camera, 60 fps, supports EF photographic lenses and PL, B4 and F mount lenses.
Blackmagic Video Assist 4K Cameras & Capture 1 High resolution monitoring and professional recording for any camera.
Canon Sigma 17-50 mm F2.8 EX DC OS HSM Lenses 1 Camera lens
CREAL Near-eye Light Field Display Displays & MR (Plenoptics Lab) 1 Near-eye light field display
Dimenco 50" autostereoscopic display Displays & MR 1 50" 3D display that requires no glasses to view in 3D
DJI Inspire 1 PRO filmmaking platform / drone Drones 1 Filmmaking drone
DJI Mini 2 Drones 1 A 249g small drone
DJI RONIN Camera Gimbal Cameras & Capture 1 Handheld 3-axis gimbal system
Elinchrom D-Lite RX To Go Set Cameras & Capture 1 Flashlight set
Eurolite LED Theater 36x3W cw/ww Lights 26 Studio lights
FARO Laser Scanner Focus 3D LIDAR 1 Precise and powerful high-speed 3D scanner for various applications, 130m range, resolution up to 70 megapixel colour, field of view: horizontal 360° / vertical 300°
Fisba ReadyBeam Misc (Plenoptics Lab) 1 Laser module with co-aligned RGB (450nm/520nm/638nm; 40mW/30mW/40mW) laser sources (Plenoptics Lab)
FLIR A315 Thermal Camera Cameras & Capture 1 Compact thermal camera that is fully controlled by PC. Streams full-frame 16-bit images at 60 Hz with radiometric data, signal and temperature linear.
FLIR Grasshopper GS3-U3-51S5C-C Color Camera Cameras & Capture (Plenoptics Lab) 1 5.0 MP, Color, 75 FPS, Sony IMX250 (Plenoptics Lab)
FLIR Grasshopper GS3-U3-89S6M-C Monochromatic camera Cameras & Capture (Plenoptics Lab) 1 8.9 MP, Mono, 43 FPS, Sony IMX255 (Plenoptics Lab)
Fotonic E40 16W Time-of-flight Camera Cameras & Capture 2 Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera, 58 fps
Genelec G Two Active Speaker Speakers 2 Speakers
GoPro Cameras & Capture 1 Camera
GoPro Omni 360 Camera Cameras & Capture 1 360° camera/multicamera rig for creating and distributing immersive virtual content.
Grand Seiko WAM5500 autorefractor Misc (Plenoptics Lab) 1 Binocular Autorefractor / Keratometer
Gryphon Dynamics X8 Drone Drones 1 Industrial drone for high payload missions. 8 * Tiger Motor U11 with 10kg thrust each
Holoeye GAEA-2-VIS-036 Misc (Plenoptics Lab) 1 High resolution (4160 x 2464, 3.74 µm pixel pitch) spatial light modulator
Holoeye LETO-3-CFS-127 Misc (Plenoptics Lab) 2 High speed (180 FPS @ 1920 x 1080, 6.4 µm pixel pitch) spatial light modulator
Holografika HoloVizio 722RC Light-field Display Displays & MR 1 A glasses-free 72" 3D Light Field display with 70 degree viewing angle.
HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset Displays & MR 1 MR Headset
HTC Vive Displays & MR 2 VR headset Display: OLED Resolution: 1080 x 1200 Platform: SteamVR Field of view: 110°
HTC Vive controllers Displays & MR 2 VR accessories
HTC Vive Delux Audio Strap Displays & MR 1 Integrated audio and microphone for ViveSetup
HTC Vive Pro Displays & MR 1 VR headset
HTC Vive Trackers Displays & MR 3 VR accessories
iDS uEye USB Camera UI-2220SE-C Cameras & Capture 5 USB camera
Insta360 Pro 2 Cameras & Capture 1 Professional VR camera with 6 x F2.4 fisheye lenses, Real-time Stitching: 3840 x 3840 @30 fps (3D) Wifi & GPS Antenna, Ethernet
Intel RealSense Camera R200 Developer Kit Cameras & Capture 2 USB Stereo Camera
Intel RealSense D415 Depth camera Cameras & Capture 1 Depth Camera
Intel RealSense D435 Depth camera Cameras & Capture 1 Depth Camera
Intel RealSense SR300 Developer Kit Cameras & Capture 2
KUKA KR 16 L6-2 Robot Cameras & Capture 1 Industrial 6-axis robotic arm with a reach of 1.9 meters. It is programmable, supprots payloads of up to 10kg and has 0,05 mm repeatability.
Lytro 8Gb Light-field Camera Cameras & Capture 1 8Gb Light Field Camera
Lytro Illum Light-field Camera Cameras & Capture 1 Light-field camera that allows the user to refocus their pictures after shooting
Manfrotto 161MK2B Tripod Cameras & Capture 2 Stable tripod, supports cameras up to 20 kg at a maximum height of 2,67m and a minimum height of 44cm.
Metavision Meta 2 Displays & MR 1 AR Headset
mh acoustics Eigenmike® Directional Microphone Misc 1 Spherical microphone array
Microsoft HoloLens Displays & MR 1 Gesture controlled mixed reality smartglasses
Nikon AF Fisheye-Nikkor 16mm f/2.8D Lenses 1 Camera lens
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Lenses 1 Camera lens
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lenses 1 Camera lens
Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8G ED VR II Lenses 1 Camera lens
Nikon AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED Lenses 1 Camera lens
Nikon D5200 Cameras & Capture 1 DLSR camera
Nikon D750 DSLR Cameras & Capture 3  FX-format D-SLR camera
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 35mm f/1.8G ED Lenses 1 Camera lens
Nikon Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.4G Lenses 1 Camera lens
Nikon WT-5 Wireless Transmitter Cameras & Capture 1 Transmitter
Nokia Ozo 360° Camera Cameras & Capture 1 Professional 360° camera for recording stereoscopic video and audio. It has eight microphones and lenses that each has a 195 degree field of view.
NVIDIA GeForce 3D Vision 2 Glasses Displays & MR 1 Wireless glasses for stereoscopic gaming
Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 Electronics 1 Fast and power-efficient GPU. GPU Boost dynamically boosts clock speed for extra performance. Available on both PC and Mac.
Oculus Go Displays & MR 3 VR headset, Display: Fast-Switch LCD, Resolution: 2560 x 1440, Refresh rate: 60-72 hz, Field of view: 100°
Oculus Quest Displays & MR 1 VR headset
Oculus Rift Displays & MR 1 VR headset Display: OLED Resolution: 2160 x 1200 Platform: Oculus Home, Windows Field of view: 100°
Oculus Rift DK2 Displays & MR 1 VR headset Display: OLED Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Platform: Oculus Home Field of view: 100°
Oculus Rift Touch Controller Displays & MR 1 VR accessories
Odos Imaging real.iZ VS-1000 Time-of-flight camera Cameras & Capture 2 High resolution time-of-flight depth camera
OKO Tech Wavefront Sensor Cameras & Capture (Plenoptics Lab) 1 Calibrated wavefront sensor including UI-3370-NIR camera and microlens array (300 µm lens pitch, 18.6 mm focal length, 9 mm aperture) (Plenoptics Lab)
Omnifinity Omnideck VR treadmill Displays & MR 1 A 360° platform enabling natural movement within the virtual world
Optitrack Calibration Wand 500W Motion Capture 1 OptiTrack Calibration Wand milled from high-grade aluminium is ideal for large and medium volumes with multiple configurable marker sets to adapt to your needs.
Optitrack Flex 13 Motion Capture 7 An USB motion capture camera with samplin rate of 120 frames per second and a resolution of 1.3 MP
OptiTrack Insight VCS:Mini Virtual Camera Cameras & Capture 1 A professional virtual camera system that replicates the organic cinematographer's experience
Optitrack L-Frame Calibration Square Motion Capture 3 Calibration sqaure for Optitrack MoCap system
Optitrack Prime 17W Motion Capture 8 A motion capture camera with 70° field of view combined with 360 frames per second capture rate.
Optitrack Prime 41 Motion Capture 8 Volume motion capture camera that records in up to 180 frames per second with industry leading precision.
Optitrack suit accessories Motion Capture 1 1 hat, 3 beanies, 5 pairs of gloves, 3 pairs of shoes
Optitrack suit bag Motion Capture 1 Size L
Optitrack suit bag Motion Capture 1 Size M
Optitrack suit bag Motion Capture 1 Size s
Optitrack suit bag Motion Capture 1 Size XL
Optitrack V120:Trio Motion Capture 2 Plug-and-play bar with 3 cameras for 6 DoF motion tracking
Optotune electrically focus tunable lens EL-10-30-C-VIS-LD Cameras & Capture (Plenoptics Lab) 2 10mm aperture; focal tuning range : 100 mm-20 0mm (Plenoptics Lab)
Optotune electrically focus tunable lens in C-mount ELM-25-2.8-18-C Cameras & Capture (Plenoptics Lab) 1 25mm F/2.8 C-mount lens; working distance range: 200mm-Inf (Plenoptics Lab)
OPTRONIS CP70-12-C-167 4K Industrial Camera Cameras & Capture 2 12 Megapixel camera recording 166 fps. Compatible with F-mount lenses with manual aperture conrol of G-type lenses meant for Nikon DSRLs.
ORAH 4i 360° Camera Cameras & Capture 1 360° Camera capable of livestreaming 4K 360° video. Full-spherical area coverage (360° x 80°), frame rate: 30fps.
Philips BDL5231V LCD Monitor Displays & MR 1 LCD monitor
Philips Selecon PLPROFILE1 MKII LED LUMINAIRE Lights 5 Strand lighting / variable beam profile with precise beam control and pattern projection
PlayStation 4 Electronics 1 Electronics
PMDtec Pico flexx Time-of-flight camera Cameras & Capture 3 USB-powered 45 fps time-of-flight camera
PMDtec Pico Monstar Cameras & Capture 1 USB-powered 60fps time-of-flight depth camera
PMDtec Pico Time-of-flight Camera Cameras & Capture 1 Time-of-Flight (ToF) Camera
Pupil Invisible Eye-tracking 1 Pupil Invisible portable easy to use eye-tracking glasses
Pupil Labs CORE eye-tracking glasses Eye-tracking 1 Portable eye-tracking glasses
Rack PC PCs 7 PCs
Raytrix R29 3D Light-field Camera Cameras & Capture 1 3D light field camera that offers high resolution with large, low noise pixels. It can be used for 3D depth estimation, 3D stereo, multiviews and software refocus.
Raytrix R5 Light-field Camera Cameras & Capture 1 Raytrix R5 is a monochromatic light-field camera, that can shoot up to 25 frames per second. Uses Gigabit Ethernet
Razer OSVR HDK Displays & MR 1 Open source head-mounted display for OSVR
Rikola Hyperspectral Camera (senop) Cameras & Capture 1 Hyperspectral Camera: super fast frame-based spectral system is sensitive for VNIR (400-1000 nm) spectral range. The HSC-2 camera is the only snapshot hyperspectral device on the market providing real spectral response in each pixel. No interpolation is used in image formation.
Robotnik Mobile Robot SUMMIT-XL STEEL Cameras & Capture 1 Robotic development platform, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, 130 kg payload and top speed of 3 m/s.
Saitek Heavy Equipment Precision Control System Electronics 1 Control system
Samsung 48" Smart display Displays & MR 5 Model: HG48ED690DB
Samsung Gear VR Innovator edition Displays & MR 1 Samsung VR HMD. Insert Samsung Galaxy S6 and put the head display on. Display: SmartphoneResolution: SmartphonePlatform: Oculus Home, AndroidField of view: 96°
Samyang 12 mm F2.8 Fisheye Lenses 1 Camera lens
Samyang 16mm T2.2 Cine Lenses 1 Camera lens
Samyang 24mm T2.2 Cine Lenses 1 Camera lens
Shimmer3 Consensys IMU Development Kit Electronics 1 IMU development kit
SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2 Wireless Eye-tracking 1 Lightweight glasses for mobile eye tracking, Sampling rate up to 120Hz. SMI-ETG are designed to record a person's natural gaze behaviour in real-time.
Sony BDP-S790 Blu-Ray player Electronics 1 Blu-ray player
Stereolabs ZED Stereo Camera Cameras & Capture 3 USB Stereo Camera
SV-10028H Lenses 1 Camera lens
SV-7525H Lenses 1 Camera lens
Teledyne DALSA Falcon2 12M Monochrome Camera Cameras & Capture 1 Ultra-high resolution and high-speed CMOS camera.
Texas Instruments DLPLCR9000EVM Misc (Plenoptics Lab) 1 The evaluation module includes DLP9000 digital micromirror device (2560×1600 resolution, 7.6 µm pixel pitch, 1 khz gray-scale pattern rate) and controller
Thorlabs CCS200/M spectrometer Misc (Plenoptics Lab) 1 Compact Czerny-Turner CCD Spectrometer (200 nm-1000 nm, <2 nm spectral accuracy) (Plenoptics Lab)
TOFcam-660 ESPROS Cameras & Capture 1 The TOFcam 660 is a cost optimized 3D camera. It is based on the ESPROS proprietary time-of-flight technology using the epc660 TOF fagship chip. The camera controls the illumination and the imager chip to obtain distance and grayscale images. The depth images are compensated against ambient light, temperature and refectivity of the scene. Thanks to the high performance of the imager chip with the unique ambient light suppression, the camera can be used in many cases under full sunlight condition.
TPCast Wireless Adaptor for Vive Displays & MR 1 VR accessories
Velodyne VLP-16 LiDAR LIDAR 1 The Velodyne Lidar PUCK™ is a small, real-time 3D LIDAR sensor that has all the Velodyne’s key features such as calibrated reflectivity measurements. The Puck is very resilient in various conditions and has a low power consumption.
Volumetric Capture Studio Volumetric Capture 1 Volumetric capture technology based on an array of cameras digitizes a person, object, or a scene into a 3D model, which can be reproduced as a high-quality image. Volumetric video technology allows the capture of a moving object as a 3D model sequence to be viewed from any viewpoint. The system at CIVIT is from Mantis Vision.
VS Technology VS-0618H1 Lenses 40 Camera lens
VS-0814H1 Lenses 1 Camera lens
VS-1214H1 Lenses 1 Camera lens
VS-1614H1N Lenses 1 Camera lens
VS-25085/C Lenses 2 Camera lens
VS-2514H1 Lenses 1 Camera lens
VS-3514H1 Lenses 1 Camera lens
VS-5018H1 Lenses 1 Camera lens
Wacom Cintiq 27QHD Pen & Touch Display Displays & MR 1 Touch display
Xbox 360 Electronics 1
Xbox Kinect Electronics 2
Xbox Kinect for Windows Electronics 1
Xbox One Electronics 1
Xsens link + MVN Animate Motion Capture 1 Portable fast to setup motion capture system
Zeiss VR One Displays & MR 1 VR headset Display: Smartphone Resolution: Smartphone Platform: Android, iOS Field of view: 100°
zSpace 100 Displays & MR 1 Stereo display that can be connected to PC with. Zspace 100 is a 23.6" 3D display that enables unique natural interaction with virtual-holographic 3D imagery.
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