• Post published:April 1, 2020

How Can CIVIT Support Your Research Proposal?

Tampere Universities offer high-quality laboratory services and research infrastructures that support various research projects. CIVIT (Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies) is an infrastructure unit at Tampere University, and can be utilized in your research project. If you plan to utilize the infrastructure in your research, please reach out to us to discuss more.

You can use the following description about CIVIT in your research proposal:

In 2015, the Laboratory of Signal Processing established a national-wide infrastructure facility Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies (CIVIT), directed by Prof. A. Gotchev. CIVIT is jointly funded by the Academy of Finland and the former Tampere University of Technology. CIVIT provides research facilities and expertise in the sectors of visual content creation and representation of visual data, advanced displays, spatial measurements and processing, and user experience.

Equipment includes multiple camera systems and rigs, active and passive range sensors; displays ranging from ultra-high definition and high-dynamic range, through stereoscopic and multi-view, to light-field and holographic prototypes; high-precision high-speed eye trackers and motion trackers. CIVIT is a valuable tool in the realization of the proposed project, as it allows access to an unprecedented level of high quality, state-of-the-art equipment in an economically efficient way. All branches of visual technology are available without having to allocate significant portions of the proposed project’s resources for equipment purchases, allowing it instead to focus purely on research and achieving the objectives set.