• Post published:November 16, 2021

ImmerSAFE Cluster Day 15.12.2021

The ImmerSAFE project’s Cluster Day is organized as a fully virtual event on December 15, 2021. The event is organized jointly by CIVIT, the ImmerSAFE Marie-Sklodowska Curie Innovative Training Network, the Forum for Intelligent Machines (FIMA) and Kampusklubi.

Registered participants will receive the participation link closer to the event. 

The ImmerSAFE Cluster Day aims at overviewing the area of immersive visual technologies for safety critical applications in the light of the results obtained within the ImmerSAFE ITN. 

The initial plan was to organize the Cluster Day as a hybrid event, but due to the deteriorated COVID-19 situation and related restrictions, the event will be fully virtual. There will be a separate day devoted to Marie Sklodowska-Curie actions at Tampere University sometime in the spring of 2022 when the situation allows better social interaction. 


  • 09:00–09:20 Opening of the cluster day and overviewing the ImmerSAFE ITN (Atanas Gotchev & Robert Bregovic, Tampere University)
  • 09:20–09:40 Retroreflective optical markers for vision enhancement in extreme environmental conditions (Laura Ribeiro, Tampere University)
  • 09:40–10:00 Industrial visualization using see-through interfaces (Taufik Akbar Sitompul, CrossControl, Sweden)
  • 10:00–10:05 Poster session 1 pitches
  • 10:05–10:35 Poster session 1 – Overview of projects in WP1 and WP2
    • Accommodation and convergence cues on light field displays (Yuta Miyanishi, Tampere University)
    • Multi-camera surround view visualization and multi-modal sensor integration (Anirudh Puligandla, University of Zagreb, Croatia)
    • Real-time image processing and analysis of UAV videos for safety-critical applications (Nayee Muddin Khan Dousai, University of Zagreb, Croatia)
    • Fault-Tolerance in Automated Vehicle Platooning (Shahriar Hasan, Mälardalen University, Sweden)
    • Compression methods for geometry-enhanced light field images under safety-critical conditions (Emanuele Palma, Tampere University, Finland)
  • 10:35–10:55 Rugged multicoloured transparent displays (José Rosa, Beneq, Finland)
  • 10:55–11:15 Organizational changes caused by IVT in safety-focused organizations (Mina Saghafian, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
  • 11:15–11:20 Poster session 2 pitches
  • 11:20–11:50 Poster session 2 – Overview of projects in WP2 and WP3
    • Feature matching methods for surround-view camera systems (Dinar Khowaja, Xylon, Croatia)
    • Augmented and virtual reality systems in operative control rooms (Saif HADJ SASSI, Leonardo S.P.A. & University Roma3, Italy)
    • Assessing Risk of Augmented Reality-equipped Safety-critical Socio-technical Systems (Soheila Sheikh Bahaei, Mälardalen University, Sweden)
    • Human factors affecting the use of HMD-VR (Simone Grassini, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway)
    • Assessing the effectiveness of immersive visual technologies in an industrial machine framework (Moses Mariajoseph, Roma3, Italy)
    • Evaluating the Quality of Experience of immersive visual systems in the operative control rooms (Syed Muhammad Umair Arif, Roma3, Italy)
  • 11:50–12:00 Wrapping up (Atanas Gotchev, Tampere University)