• Post published:April 10, 2018

Become a CIVIT 2018 Trainee

The 3D Media Group and the Centre for Immersive Visual Technologies (CIVIT) are looking for summer trainees to work on various projects related with 3D visual scene capture, processing and display. The projects are to be implemented using the CIVIT premises and equipment. Students will be supervised by the 3D Media Group researchers.

The ultimate aim of these projects is to train students to use modern equipment and related signal processing methods and tools to deliver immersive visual experience. Interested candidates are encouraged to check the projects and, if challenged by them, to apply. In the applications, please mention the relevant 3D Media / CIVIT projects.

1. Content preparation and visualization on 3D displays

2. Content generation for super-multiview and integral imaging displays

3. Localized audio recording for 3D surround sound

4. Virtual reality walkthrough of laser scanned buildings

5. Motion Capture and VR integration

6. Wide camera array for real-time LF capture and streaming

7. Automatic calibration and data fusion between 2D camera images and colored 3D point cloud

8. Simulation of Time-of-flight range sensing