• Post published:April 29, 2021

Remote Operation Research at CIVIT

In continuation of the RemoteFeel project, and as a part of MAGICS, CIVIT will further develop its facilities to support research within remote presence and remote operation of mobile machines. The funding is provided by Tampere University and Academy of Finland through their FIRI call for developing research infrastructures as collaborative platforms with industries.

The new CIVIT infrastructure will form an end-to-end system: a teleoperable mobile work machine and a remote control station in the CIVIT premises, networked together using the university 5G test network.

Last summer, remote control of work machines was successfully tested at CIVIT when Patria’s armored AMV 8×8 vehicle was remotely operated from CIVIT. You can find the related video here.

The immediate first use for the remote operation equipment at CIVIT will be the MIRO (Mixed Reality for Operating Mobile Machines) project, which is a commercialization project at Tampere University funded by Business Finland. The main goal of the project is to commercialize previously developed technologies that improve visibility issues and remote operation of mobile work machines by combining different camera and display technologies. You can find out more about the MIRO project on the project webpage. If your organization is interested in remote operation, you can contact the project leader, Olli Suominen by email: olli.j.suominen@tuni.fi, or answer their survey