Thesis work and student projects

You can find a list of CIVIT-supported thesis work here. The list includes Bachelor’s theses, Master’s theses and Doctoral Dissertations. Please, refer to CIVIT when you use our equipment or datasets in your thesis work. 

Students at Tampere Universities can get access to our facilities and equipment by sending their research plan and supervisor’s contact information to Their supervisor should be from Tampere Universities (TAU or TAMK). In the research plan, you should mention why the equipment are necessary for the outcome/result of the thesis. After the research plan has been approved, the supervisor should fill in the equipment request form

CIVIT-Supported theses:

Denoising of motion capture data with recurrent neural networks 
Pyykkönen, Pyry (2020). Bachelor’s thesis.

Multi-camera Calibration
Todorov, Peter (2019). Bachelor’s thesis.

Virtual reality walkthrough of laser scanned environments
Varjo, Lauri (2019). Bachelor’s thesis.

Methods and Models for 3D Imaging in Low-Sensing Conditions
Georgiev, Mihail (2018). Doctoral dissertation (article-based).

Methods for Light Field Display Profiling and Scalable Super-Multiview Video Coding
Kovács, Péter (2018). Doctoral dissertation (article-based).

Paikan estimointi kulmamittausten avulla
Suomalainen, Laura (2017). Master’s thesis.

Lens Array Based Techniques for 3D Scene Capture and Display
Akpinar, Ugur (2017). Master’s thesis.

Depth assisted composition of synthetic and real 3d scenes
Cortes Reina, Santiago (2015). Master’s thesis.