• Post published:October 12, 2021

Two open positions: CIVIT Software and Hardware Engineer

We are looking for two full-time engineers to work within our new project, Collaboratec. The project builds a collaboration model through which CIVIT research infrastructure and our know-how of new immersive technologies can be used effectively as part of companies’ development needs. The two engineers will be working in the same team together with other CIVIT experts.

The main goal of the Collaboratec project is to increase CIVIT collaboration in the fields of industrial work machines and creative industry by providing cost-effective proof-of-concept services, and easy-to-use immersive visual technology solutions to competitively produce new products and solutions. To achieve this goal, we are hiring two engineers: CIVIT Hardware Engineer and CIVIT Software Engineer.

You can apply and find the full job announcements on Tampere University’s webpage. The application deadline for both positions is on Friday, 29th October 2021. 

For more information, please contact:

Jussi Rantala, CIVIT Staff Scientist (jussi.rantala@tuni.fi) or Atanas Gotchev, CIVIT Director (atanas.gotchev@tuni.fi)

Two open positions: CIVIT Software and Hardware Engineer