• Post published:April 26, 2022

Upcoming events

The CIVIT Team will organize and participate in different events in the following months. We will have demos in the next XR Morning event and in Tampere Smart City Week’s Conference and Expo. We will also host demos at CIVIT as part of the Tampere Imaging Days in the beginning of June.
The CIVIT team has two demos in the XR Morning event on Friday, 13 May. The demos include a motion capture demonstration with Xsens mocap suit and a camera tracking pipeline demonstration. You can find out more about the demos on our webpage. The XR Morning is organized by Kampusklubi.
Tampere University and Business Tampere organize a joint event that aims at connecting professionals working in the area of imaging. As a part of the two-day event, there are demos at CIVIT on Wednesday, 8 June. We will demonstrate new technologies at CIVIT, including the volumetric capture studio, new motion capture technologies, camera tracking and much more. Find out more on Tampere University’s webpage.
The CIVIT team has a demo booth in Tampere Smart City Week’s Conference and Expo event. It is a two-day event organized in the Nokia Arena. The themes of the Conference and Expo are smart mobility, sustainable solutions, digital technologies, digital safety and security and smart data. Our demos for the event have been developed in the Collaboratec and MIRO (Mixed Reality for Operating Mobile Machines) projects.
PLENOPTIMA (Plentoptic Imaging) network organizes a workshop on Plenoptic Media Production in Tampere in June. PLENOPTIMA is a four-year H2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network. The workshop focuses on creating a hands-on experience with equipment at CIVIT. Topics to be addressed: Introduction and hands-on guidance to scientific and information visualization as a basis for Augmented Reality. Find out more about the event on PLENOPTIMA workshop page.