• Post published:June 28, 2021

New project funded by the European Regional Development Fund

CIVIT receives funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for a new project. The new project, “Collaboration model for using immersive visual technologies in work machine and creative digital industries” (Collaboratec), builds a collaboration model through which CIVIT research infrastructure and our know-how of new immersive technologies can be used effectively as part of companies’ development needs.

The specific objective of the project is to develop research, competence and innovation clusters that draw from regional strengths. The project bridges the gap between research and the needs of the industry sustainably and cost-effectively. The main target groups are the work machine industry and the creative digital industry in the Pirkanmaa region.

The collaboration model allows companies to try our unique devices and new research for their needs, as well as get information on the latest research results and opportunities. The project starts in June 2021 and lasts until the end of April 2023.

Contact information

Contact persons
Jussi Rantala, CIVIT Staff Scientist, email: jussi.rantala@tuni.fi

Project leader
Professor Atanas Gotchev, email: atanas.gotchev@tuni.fi

Contact details of the funding authority
Tiina Ramstedt-Sen, Senior advisor, The Council of Tampere Region, email: tiina.ramstedt-sen@pirkanmaa.fi